Friends, the person who stands firmly and courageously with no hesitations in all odds, is the real human being. This is one of the overwhelming experiences in my life. 5 years ago, I was being posted to a small village to make a survey. The population was only 150 including the children. I thought I … Continue reading Helpless..


Never To Return…

"What have you done..? What's the charge...?" a strong voice in the prison inquired. Mady was looking at the delicate, growing buds of a small plant. He was recalling his past.. Greig and Jane were living a common life. Greig was a guard at Mr. Josef, an eminent person. After a long time, Jane gave … Continue reading Never To Return…


Friends,  our personal life is totally different from the life which we use to live outside the four walls. We are playing different roles at different times at every moment. Pretension is one of them. People use to pretend either to save themselves from something or for their selfishness. But I have seen such people … Continue reading Survival