Once There Will Be……

Smith was expressing his desire, "Mom, I also want to go with Zig.." "How many times have I told you not to be friend with him...and by the way we are going to Stream Tek next week," said Jane. "Mom, they are good friends. I don't know what makes you irritated..," Smith was yelling. "Smith, … Continue reading Once There Will Be……



Friends, the person who stands firmly and courageously with no hesitations in all odds, is the real human being. This is one of the overwhelming experiences in my life. 5 years ago, I was being posted to a small village to make a survey. The population was only 150 including the children. I thought I … Continue reading Helpless..


"Evacuate Phoenix within 300 galaxy hours or be ready to die.." The message was decoded by Bon, a computer program. One by one, 'They' were conquering the galaxies but no one had courage to stop them. Saki (The Chief of Phoenix, a Space Station) : Commander Lee, contact the head of Blue right now.. [ Silence spread all … Continue reading BLUE