Was He An Angel..?

Girish was happy as both of his dreams were going to be fulfilled. The first, he wanted to be the owner of the marine fleets and the second, to marry with Leena, his love. So, he was feeling the greatest happiness in his life. The next month, he was going to take charge of the fleet and the same day was fixed for his engagement.

But, his happiness didn’t last long.. In the madness, he drove the car very fast listening his favourite songs. Suddenly, he saw a dog crossing the road. To save the dog, Girish tried to slow the car but it was out of control. Within a fraction of moment, the car slipped and rolled over the road. James was unconscious. His whole body was wet with the blood.

” When will he be recovered, doctor..” Leena asked rushing to the doctor, tears were rolling down her cheeks.

” It will take time…Who is his father…?” the doctor was seriously asking.

“Doctor, I am Vasant, how is my child…? Can I….?” Vasant, Girish’ father was asking the doctor. His voice was shaking.

“Mr. Vasant , come in…” the doctor took him into the cabin. After a talk of more than half an hour, Vasant came out of the cabin with a pale face. He had lost his whole strength.

All gathered around him. “What did the doctor say,” asked Pramod, Leena’s father.

“He is in coma…He is in the state of complete unconsciousness… His brain is injured…and…”

“The doctors are not sure of the time how long it will take to recover Girish. Perhaps, he will never….” Vasant was crying, “how unfortunate our fate is…” He was unable to stop his tears.

“We should not lose hopes, Papa, Girish will come back…I know..he will never leave us….,” Leena, in her shivering voice was trying to encourage Vasant.

“Dear, he will have no hands..both of his hands are badly fractured..the bones are totally damaged and can never be repaired…” Vasant.

Leena was trying to hide her tears. Pramod was disturbed. He was silent..thinking. “Leena, stay here. Mr. Vasant , Some delegates are coming, I have to go. Don’t worry, I will come soon..” Vasant nodded his head and sat down. Girish was his only son. He had lost his mother in his childhood. So, Vasant had born and brought up him becoming his mom. Now, he was in a great entanglement.


The doctor was consulting with a lady surgeon, Dr. Srushti, “Doctor, how is your research? I have a good news for you. Recently, we have a case of an accident, Girish is his name. You can have your tests on him.”

“Thank you doctor, but is he able to respond? And for his treatment, I have to take him with me..” said Dr. Srushti.

“There will be no problem, he is completely unconscious.” said the doctor.

Dr. Srushti went to see Girish. “My goodness..Doctor, how is he still alive..? His brain is damaged seriously and hands are gone totally… There was only a man who could have handle this case.. Dr. Patil. But…”

“Leave it doctor. You are as genius as your father. Now, it’s in your hands to go further and fulfill your father’s dream.. Good luck.”

Dr. Varun Patil was researching in Bio – Chemistry. He had searched how lizards and salamander regenerate their cut or lost organs. For his successful research, he had been awarded Nobel Prize. He was about to announce his achievement in the medicine, he was mysteriously disappeared. All his written data was burnt. After two years, he was found dead in a restaurant. It was remained a mystery. Dr. Srushti was his only daughter.

Dr. Srushti took James with her. That night she could not sleep properly. She was weeping in the memories of her father, Dr. Varun . In the mid-night, sudden barking of dogs disturber her. She saw nothing from the window but sensed something different.

The next day, she began her treatment on Girish . He was really a living dead. But, Mitchell was determined. She had took him as a challenge.

She scanned him, took many tests. But she found her confidence baffling. She had no hopes for Girish. She feared for failure of her challenge. Only respiratory system was responding ..rest was senseless. ‘Will I fail…’thought Srushti. She could not find any remedy charge Girish again. She searched on net, consulted many experts, but couldn’t find a ray of hope. She was becoming distressed.

That night, while referring Dr. Varun’s ‘Secrets in Ayurveda’, she found some unbelievable clues of medicines. Suddenly, she heard some strange noises. ‘It may be my imaginations.’ Srushti thought and turned to the book. 

The next day, while checking Girish, she found his eyelids and fingers moving. ‘ It’s a miracle’, thought Srushti. ‘But, how is it possible…? Without any medicine, how can the metabolism automatically respond…? Whatever it may be, it was a good sign for me.’ Srushti was thinking.


Mr. Pramod was disappointed. He had changed his mind and also Leena. She was not ready to live with Girish in that situation. She had told Vasant her decision. But, Vasant didn’t reply her as Girish was his whole world. After fifteen days of the mishap, she had engaged with another boy and married with him. Vasant was shocked with this but could not disturbed with their changed behaviour. “Mr. Pramod, dear Leena, you have taken a good decision.  God bless you…” said Vasant with tears in his eyes. He was really helpless. 


Everyday, Srushti was observing some positive remarkable changes in Girish’ body. A month was passed. Girish had opened his eyes and was moving his hand without any pain. But Srushti had not given a new medicine to him. Then what was that which was making Girish cure…? Srushti was wondered and frightened a little. She reported the doctor, “Doctor, Girish is recovering and responding to the medicines. But keep it as a secret until his full recovery.” “Congratulations Dr. Srushti,  you have given a great news and don’t worry,  it will not be leaked..,” the doctor replied.

Srushti was shocked when James opened his eyes and stared at her. At first she frightened but went close to him.” Girish, how do you feel now…?” asked Srushti. Girish closed his eyes for a little while and opened again. Srushti understood the reply. “You will come back soon..” expressed her hopes. Girish was trying to ask or tell something, Srushti sensed something like this.

Now, Girish was able to get up and sit at his own. He was trying to speak something. His eyes were speaking a lot but Srushti could not understand what he was trying to tell. So, it was remaining a wonder for her. Now, she decided to keep watch on Girish, especially at night. She had ignored many little things like changed places of medicine bottles, spreading of some cotton, etc. She started recalling every moment as she had a doubt that many unusual and strange things were happening there.

As usual, she was referring Dr. Varun’s book, she heard someone speaking. She found that the voice was coming from James’ room. She tried to watch from the key hole, but could not see anything. ‘Definitely, someone was talking there…but who could he be…? Or again my imaginations are working…?’ Srushti was now disturbed.  She could not understand what was going on. 

The next morning,  when Srushti went to check Girish, he was not there. She was shocked. Many thoughts gathered on her mind. ‘Where is Girish? How can he be disappeared?  Is he disappeared like Pop…?’ Srushti was unstable.  Suddenly she heard, ” Dr. Srushti,  I am here… Now, I am fit and want to go to home.” It was Girish, strolling into the garden.

She could not believe her eyes. Girish was strolling at his own as if nothing was happened.  “Girish, Who were you talking with last night…?” inquired Srushti to Girish. She was seemed to be frightened and doubtful.

“Ohh…there was no one..but Dr. Varun, as usual. Really, he is not a doctor but an angel for me. Look at me, he treated me with his feathery touch. Really, he is a great doctor..” informed Girish.

” What..? How is this possible…? Girish, are you crazy?  Do you know what are you talking…?” Now, Srushti was shivering. She found herself becoming cold. 

She checked the CCTV footage immediately and watched it repeatedly many times. She could only see Girish talking and cooperating…. But he was alone.


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