Friends, the person who stands firmly and courageously with no hesitations in all odds, is the real human being. This is one of the overwhelming experiences in my life.

5 years ago, I was being posted to a small village to make a survey. The population was only 150 including the children. I thought I will be back in 3-4 days. On the other hand, I was glad to go there in that rainy season as it was a good opportunity for photography.

As usual, I took my office bag and camera and set out. I was driving myself. It took 6 hours to reach up to the divergent of the road towards the village. I saw only the name plate of the village and no sign of any road. There was no road to go further. I was hesitated. Being a new, I had no idea of the road to the village. So, I took the car to the nearby garage and asked him to show the road to the village. He laughed and said that there was no road and I had to go on foot. He added that the village is about 8 km from that place and I had to take some candles, match sticks boxes, some first aids, etc. I was shocked. I followed him. Unwillingly, I kept my car at the garage, took my luggage and moved towards the destination.

I was going through a walking trail. It was really hard to walk there. The rain not heavy but was continuously falling. Due to this, the trail was become slippery. 2-3 times I made unsuccessful efforts to save myself from falling. But the greenness was spread everywhere. I took the camera and started capturing the nature to add it into my treasure. I was capturing those things which were untouched by any person. I was walking on and on, alone. I could hardly see any dog through the bushes and nothing. The trail was not ending.

I crossed a stream. Suddenly, I saw a man with a pony, walking towards the village at some distance from me. It made me very happy. I stepped fast and caught the man. I requested him to keep the luggage on the back of the pony. He smiled and did so. While walking, I started gathering information about the village and the natives. He informed that for 10 years, not a single officer had come to see the situation of the village. The people were living like a primitive community. He was telling unbelievable facts. At last the trail ended in the evening at the sheriff’s house. He accepted my thanks but not the money I offered.

The sheriff welcomed me with water and some juice. He also forced me to take rest for a while. It was the thing which I needed most at that time. Without wasting the time, I went a room and slept. After two hours’ rest, I woke up. The sheriff was waiting me for dinner as it was already late. We had our dinner. It was really very delicious. It was the candle dinner. I had understood why the mechanic had told me to carry a lot of candles and torch. But having no further talks, we went to sleep.

When I woke up, I saw some people gathered outside the house. They all were looking anxious. When I asked about the matter, the sheriff told that the hill was fallen on the trail and it will take more than two days to remove the debris. At the same time, while we were talking, we saw an elderly man rushing towards us. He told that the water level of the river was started increasing. As soon as he told this, I asked all of them to go to the river and see. We hastily moved towards the river. The water level was about to cross the danger line. The situation was becoming really critical. They had also understood the seriousness of the situation.

I tried to call the government officials but due to the lack of proper network, I failed to contact with them. I asked the sheriff about anybody’s cell phone, but the sheriff told that most of the villagers are not knowing the device and some of them had seen it very first time in my hand. It was incredible but it was one of the bitter truth. After continuous efforts, I managed to contact with an officer who told that some help was already sent and…. The signal was lost. What to do was the big question before us. The villagers were confident that no help was sent. They were waiting it for 10 years. So, it was not new to them.

It was my third day at the village. It was 8 p. m. everywhere darkness was spread. I had forgotten to sleep and rest. Different problems were coming from all directions. How to solve them? We were discussing in the lights of two lanterns. It was raining continuously. The water level of the river had crossed the danger mark. I suggested the natives to move to the neighbouring village and I was just about to tell something….some villagers were seen running and crying loudly. One of them came nearer and told that the barriers of the river were fallen and the water had started flowing with a great force. It was really an ominous sign. We all got up at once and started gathering all the families at the safest place. Everyone was moving fast.

It was 1 o’clock in the midnight. It didn’t take more time to gather them. Now, we were hearing clearly the sounds of flowing water. It was the time to move as early as possible. But by which way? The trail was already blocked. Still, I encouraged them to go through the same trail. But strictly warned not to cross the debris but to climb on the hill. The villagers understood what I had meant to say. All of them started running towards the hill. They were familiar with the darkness and all the things. They were knowing every smallest particle in that place. So, it didn’t take long to reach the hill. Near about all the villagers were reached at the hill. Meanwhile, the river water had acquired more than half of the village under its empire.

It was 5 a. m. The new day was about to break. But still there was darkness everywhere, we had no notion of the time. Still everyone was cooperating each other. Everyone was taking care at their best. We were watching the water entering in the village. Everything was floating on it like a paper. The day was breaking and the in the twilit, with water in the eyes, without uttering any word, the villagers were identifying their world, floating on the water..

Friends, You have to believe that every beginning has an end. This incident has taught me much much more. There are many people who are facing many different problems but one should not lose his head and courage.


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