Never To Return…

“What have you done..? What’s the charge…?” a strong voice in the prison inquired. Mady was looking at the delicate, growing buds of a small plant. He was recalling his past..

Greig and Jane were living a common life. Greig was a guard at Mr. Josef, an eminent person. After a long time, Jane gave birth to a beautiful child who was christened as Danny. From his childhood,  Danny was sharp and cooperative. He was really a shining star in Greig and Jane’s life.

Like other parents, they sent Danny school. Due to his sharpness, he won the hearts of his teachers and other classmates. Everyone was appreciating him. Day by day, his talent was improving not only in the studies but in all other activities also. The school was proud of him. His parents were known by his name. And Danny also never let them down.

But, the destiny had different plans for him. When he was in the 10th grade, Greig was accused for theft by Mr. Josef and took charge of all the utensils and things of his house. He induced him to leave the town. Poor Greig was helpless. No one came to help him. He was frustrated. Jane tried to encourage him. But, Greig had become mute. From that day, Danny was being insulted in the school. Those who were appreciating him, started hating him. Now, he began to stay away from the school.

There was no source of any income for the family and nobody was daring to offer Greig a job. Finally, they left the town in a dark night and caught a bus to go elsewhere. The ways of thought of Danny were totally changed. He was not ready to leave but he was unable do anything. His tender mind began thinking of revenge. When the day broke, Grieg and Jane could not see Danny…he was not with them..he had left them leaving a note..”I will be back…” their sorrow knew no bounds. They tried to find him but in vain.

Leaving them, Danny went back to the town. He began to work in a hotel as a waiter as Mady. Hardly a week had passed, Mady read a news in a daily newspaper  that Greig and Jane had committed suicide due to grief. Mady was unable to express his sorrows. His thoughts of revenge became stronger.

And after a year, he got a chance what he was waiting for. On an afternoon, Mr. Josef came to the hotel for lunch. Mady served him with poisoned food. On the way home, the Mr. Josef met an accident and died.

The revenge was taken but it had changed Mady’s life. On the same day, Mady had disappeared and could not be traced. Now, he was alone and upset. He decided to surrender himself and confess his deeds. He was shivered with the thought but the inner soul enforced him to do so and he did it.

The officer carefully listened Mady. He understood that each and every word that Mady was confessing, was true. Danny did not hide anything from the officer. He became speechless. But when the officer disclosed that, the real thief was caught by the police within a couple of weeks and Grieg was innocent, a great sorrow flooded Mady’s heart. The officer promised him to recommend at the higher authorities to minimise his punishment.

“A murder… I have poisoned Mr. Josef, an eminent person in this town for…” Mady was telling but interrupted by the other prisoner, “Are you Danny…Greig’s son…?” Mady was shocked, “How do you know us…?”

“Danny, I am repenting on my deed. I am the person who is responsible for the destruction of your happy life… God will never forgive me…”

Yes, the prisoner was the real thief…


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