An Unbelievable Incident

It was 10.30 pm. “Sam, Sam..what are you doing? Open the door.” As I opened the door, Ben hastily came in and continued, “What are you doing? Will you come with me to Jack, I have to complete the assignment, Mr. Shane has asked to show it by tomorrow at anyhow. Please come with me dude.. or I will be punished.” In a single breathe, Ben was telling.

“Wait a minute, let me finish this then we will go….just 10 minutes.” I said. Ben sat in the chair and switch on the TV. Meanwhile, finishing my work, I said, “Let’s go. It’s raining and I have to wake up early morning.” Ben switched off the TV. I locked the door and set out to Jack.

It was raining. The street lights were off. Darkness was spread everywhere. We were unable to see anything. “Sam, let’s go from the back yard of your house instead of going from the main road. We will be there in short time,” Said Ben. “Hmm, it’s ok,” I said, “Can we take torch..? You know, there is a well and a stream. The way is full of bushes. There is danger of snakes also. In these days, no one uses this short-cut.” Ben said,” It’s not necessary to have a torch. We are familiar with the trail. We will be back in 10 minutes.” Ben was right. It was the shortest way to go to the back colony and they were knowing it since their childhood. Many people were often using that way.

We returned to the back yard. The trail was looking isolated in the darkness. Nobody was there. Ben, catching my hand, was walking behind me. We were crossing the well. The heavy drops of rain water were rolling down into the well from the tamarind tree which were making a fearful rhythm. “ What has Mr. Shane said..?” I broke the silence. “It’s about chemical reactions, and we have show it tomorrow…. Sam, look at those two guys..” said Ben. “Hmm…they have no notion of the time…where to sit and where to enjoy… Let’s move fast.”

As soon as we crossed the well and the huge tamarind tree near the well, Ben caught my hand tightly, came in front of me and whispered,” Look at the back…those two guys are growing taller….” Ben was frightened and me too. “Don’t look back, they would about to go,” I said “but…ohh…. B..e..n..shooo… move fast…don’t stop or look back.” I was whispering.

We crossed the stream and turned back to see who they were. But, as we turned back to see, there was nothing but the darkness. “Ben..look at the the top…my goodness, what is that…unbelievable…” I said. Ben was so frightened that he had no courage to utter as single word. “Let’s go from here, immediately…”he said. But I forced him to sit down slowly behind a bush. The figures were moving fast from top of the tamarind tree and then going into the well and again the same thing with the sound “Hushhh…” Both of us were frightened beyond limit seeing that fearful play. It was looking like white smoke. After some time, the figures went into the well and didn’t returned back but we saw bright green fountain emerging out of the well.…. And the dreadful show ended.

We both were shivering. “Don’t get so frightened, Ben. Forget it. Let’s go,” I tried to encourage him. They came out of the bush and without saying any word, moved to Jack’s house.

I, still, could not understand what it was.


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