Friends,  our personal life is totally different from the life which we use to live outside the four walls. We are playing different roles at different times at every moment. Pretension is one of them. People use to pretend either to save themselves from something or for their selfishness. But I have seen such people who pretend for their survival.

It was a Sunday afternoon. As usual I was roaming at the countryside. I saw a little crowd watching a street show of an acrobat. I went closer and became a part of them.

A woman, about 30 years old, was performing. Her elder daughter, 6 years old, was giving her rhythm with the help of a dish and a stick and the other, of merely 1 year, was laid under a tree.

The woman was showing all her skills like passing through a burning ring, walking on a rope, picking a needle with an eye and much more. Some of them were really  thrilling. All were captivated. But, there was something by which she was not concentrating her performance properly. Some fears and worries were hiding in her eyes. What was making her disturbed? She was looking at her child under the tree time to time which was the reason of her distraction.

After a couple of hours, the show ended and everyone moved away. The woman hastily ran towards the child under the tree, picked it up and kept into her laps. She was kissing it continuously with tears in her eyes.

Some spectators threw coins. Most of them ejoyed free of cost. The woman was got tired due to contiguous performance. Her daughter gathered the coins in a dish and handed it over her mother. The innocent daughter was unaware of the situation. Looking those coins, the girl became happy. But, the was woman seemed to be very worried. She was seemed to be very unsatisfied with those handful of coins. She counted…all of them were comprising to 35 bucks…!!!

She had sat with a big question on her face. The child was sick. She was worried about it. It had a fever and had eaten nothing since the morning. Tears were rolling on her cheeks. She was kissing the kid with the thought how to collect 100 bucks to pay for the doctor’s fees and treat her child….



…. Friends, this is not the end. It’s continuing till this very moment with the unbelievable turns. Be eager to know further…

Your reviews are much more valuable to me.


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