A Bird With Tattered Wings

Friends, our life is full of challenges. Everyone of us has to face them time to time. Those are never ending. 

In a suburb, a street hawker was living with his family consisting his wife and a daughter. Being ordinary with megre earnings, they were living a happy life. The parents were trying to fulfill the wishes of their only daughter. Once she asked for a doll with golden hair. The father found that it was more costly than his a week’s earnings. But he did not utter a word and promised his daughter to give that doll.

The next day, he had waken up very early and had got ready. Having his breakfast hastily, he went out to sell his goods. The whole day was passed. But he did not return home. The girl was asking her mother, “Mummy, why has papa not come yet? Is he bringing me the doll?” The mother, taking a sigh was saying with thousands of worries, ” Yes dear, he is bringing you the doll. So he will be late.”

At 10 in the night, a person came to them with an ominous news that the hawker was died in an accident. He was hospitalised by the pedestrians in the nearest hospital. On hearing this, the woman was so shocked that she fell down unconsciously. Though, not knowing what had happened,  the girl started crying. The neighbours were gathered. They came to know what had happened. Some of them went to the hospital and brought the body of the hawker. They saw that there was a doll with the golden hair in his hand. The woman became conscious. The daughter took out the doll from his father’s hand. She was calling him again and again,” Wake up Papa, wake up. Why are you sleeping so much? Why are you not speaking with me? I liked the pretty doll so much. Please talk to me. Mummy, look, Papa is not waking and talking with me.” Her mother was destructed totally. She was pale. After some time, the people  did all the formalities. 

The girl had lost her father at the age of five. How pity..! She was keeping the doll with her all the time. The days were passing. The woman was working as a maid. The girl was going to school. She was really a bright student. Everyday she was being appreciated by the teachers. She was working hard with the aim. She was a ranker not only in the school but in the college also. Along with her studies, she was doing a part time job in a doll making factory. In this way, she was helping her mother and herself. The mother never allowed her to feel alone. Some kind people and teachers were helping in her education. The girl was determined and did not let anyone down.

During her higher education,  the girl purchased some tools and started manufacturing dolls at home. She had started her own business. She was stepping towards to be an entrepreneur. She had her determination. Both of them, the girl and her mother, were working without looking at the time. Her mother was always encouraging her. They were receiving a great response for their products…the dolls with golden hair..!!

And the day came…which came along with all the proprietaries, satisfactions and happiness. The girl achieved the degree of MBA in marketing with first rank in the university. Many national and multinational companies started approaching her with huge offers. But, the girl refused them all. How great…!!

The girl expanded her business at the international level. With the help of internet and other social media, she used her skill in marketing. Everywhere and every time, she was achieving huge successes. Within a couple of years only, the hard work, strong desire, perseverance of the girl took her at the top of successful life. 

Now, the girl is a great and successful entrepreneur. Being a great one, she is living a simple life and helping those who are in need, helpless and orphanages. She never returns anybody empty handed. 

Once, when I asked about her great success, she had tears in her eyes. She opened her purse and showed me a doll… The doll with golden hair…


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