My Friends,

Orphans… The word itself is full of pity. Really, a lot of imaginations start working on the mind on mere hearing this word. 

Friends, can you imagine living like an orphan though having mother and father and all..? This is one of the incident in my life. 

A taxi driver was happy with his wife and two sons. Both the sons were very young. One of them was being sent to the nursery and the other was only of few months old. Though they were living in a rented house, they were happy and enjoying every moment of their life. I was watching him everyday at the canteen out side of my office in the afternoon having his meal. He was seemed to be very punctual, honest and hardworking. 

My watchman was his friend. They used to talk at the lunch time or they had fixed their time to talk in the afternoon. Many times, he was being called in the urgency to go for office work. But since three months, I could not see him. It was not so important but one day when I asked the watchman about this, he told that the driver had left the town and had settled elsewhere. I was in a hurry to go home. But my curious mind was not allowing me to think else. It was continuously forcing me to think about that taxi driver. What would have been happened with the man? What would have been done? Had he done anything wrong? What would be the fact. Many questions were gathering in my mind. That night, I could not sleep properly.

The next day, I woke up with the thought of that taxi driver. I decided to know the fact behind his immediate disappearance. As soon as I reached the gate, I asked the watchman to come in my cabin. The watchman arrived hurriedly. Without wasting the moments, I asked him to tell everything about that taxi driver. He revealed his friend.

Since six months, there were disputes among that couple. On every no matter, they were quarreling. It had become the routine in their house. The watchman had visited them a couple of times at their house and had tried to settle the matter. But he was failed. Day by day, the situations were becoming more and more critical. And one day they separated themselves from each other. What was the reason behind their disputes? Where were their children? I asked the watchman. On this, he hesitated to tell but after forcing him he told the real fact of their life. 

The couple was dreaming their own house. And his salary was the only source. It was not too much to afford an installment of the loan if they purchased a house on loan. On the other side, they had not any financial support from their natives. So, the driver decided to work in the night shift also. His wife was also agreed on that. From the very next day, the driver started driving in the nights also. His wife was totally undemanding and started adjusting herself with a little money. Till there were no issues.

One day, when his wife called him on his mobile, it was busy. She tried many times, again it was busy. After some time, when he called back, his wife didn’t receive the call. She switched off her cell. It was not a big issue. But, suddenly, her evil mind started taking her in wrong direction. 

When he came home early in the morning, she asked him who she was and with whom he was talking so long. He could not understand why she was talking in that manner. He tried to tell what had happened. But she was not ready to listen a single word. He kept silent and slept. But his wife did not allow him to take rest. She was asking again and again the same questions loudly. It made the him irritated and he immediately went for driving. His wife started suspecting him for no meaning. Many times he tried to explain that there was nothing anything and it only a passenger’s call, she paid no heed.

Later, the driver began to live away from home. He used to sleep in the taxi. This made the situation worst. She felt that as he was not coming home, there was definitely something wrong. Taking both the children, she started following him. Sometimes, she alone was following him to find out the truth. But she could not find anything. It is well said that “A small leak sinks a great ship.” And this was proving true with them.

This had a deep impact on the driver. He decided to live the life as his wife was thinking about him. And really, he married with another divorced woman and started living in another house. The news was spread immediately. When his wife came to know that her husband had married with another one, she left the home leaving both the children at home..alone..

She didn’t go to the driver but went to her native without telling anyone. The watchman took the kids to his house. He found out the driver and asked him to take his children. He was ready but his new wife was not ready to accept them at any cost. She sharply told about it. She told him strictly that she would leave him if he bring the children with him. She also demanded a huge amount to leave him. 

Now, the driver is totally smashed. He is helpless. He is not able to pay a huge sum to his second wife and bring his children back. His first wife has also married with another person at her native to take a kind of revenge on him. She is also not ready to accept the children. 

Finally, the watchman took both the kids and fetched them in an orphanage recently.

The whole tragedy made me think deeply. It made me mute. I told the watchman to go without using any word. Again many questions are begun on my mind. Who is guilty? Was there no faith among them? Is marriage a child’s play? What is the fault of those innocent kids? And many more…

Having both the mother and father alive, the children are living the life as “Orphans.”


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