The Boy At The Window

“Come…let’s play,” I was asking the boy behind the window. He was silent with no excitements on his face. I was calling him since his arrival of a month. But he was silent. I wondered, ” Is he a mute..??” At the same time, I heard a loud call of a friend and I went.

My tender mind was thinking of the boy. “Why is he so quiet? Why is he not joining us..?” I was wondering. He was new in the colony, I thought, so he was not mixing with us.  Every afternoon, while going to school, I was watching him coming home with his uncle. “Where are they going? I asked mom.” I don’t know, move fast or you will be late,” was mom’s short reply.

That evening , as usual, I went to the boy. The boy was there in the window. “Why are you always locked? Where is your uncle? Why does he not allow you to play?” I asked him. He didn’t open his mouth but I saw tears in his eyes. I was just about to ask further, ” I want to see my mom…” said the boy in a weak voice. Tears were rolling down. I asked anxiously, “Where is your mom..? And why are you crying?” Clearing the tears with the help of his shirt, he said, “I don’t know. She is far away…” I tried to reach the boy but the window was  high enough. Our little hands were short to touch each other. The boy became silent. I heard mom’s call so saying him, ” I will be back immediately “,  went with thousands of questions..

I told mom,” Mom, the boy at the window was crying and said he wants to see his mom…she is far away….”

Mom said,” Oh dear, he is also a small kid like you. His uncle might be busy in his work. Don’t think much”.

“But mom, he was crying….The whole day he lives under the lock.” I saw her thinking.

“Why was he crying?” she asked.

“I don’t know,  he didn’t tell..”

“Ok, I will come with you tomorrow and ask him.. Now, finish your dish and go to the study.” she said.

Today, I was going to school, but I could not see the boy with his uncle coming home. I wondered.

In the evening,  I reminded mom to come to see the boy. Mom became ready, taking some sweets in a tiffin said, “Hmm…let’s go.”

I became happy.

As soon as we reached there,  we saw the boy and his uncle sitting in a car…. Before I could call, the car had left..

We both returned home, discussing about the boy.

The next morning,  on Sunday,  I heard Mom telling loudly to Pop,” My goodness,  he was living with this boy in the next lane… Thank God he was trapped…”

I rush out of my room and watched on TV..flashing a Breaking News.. “Most Wanted Under Arrest”.

I was watching the boy in the laps of a lady sitting besides a man following by his “uncle”, ironed, surrounded by some police.


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