A Bet

Friends, this is a humorous incident during my college days.

The lectures were over. As usual we friends were walking towards the bus stop to catch the bus. It was raining and we were enjoying it.

Suddenly, a funny thought struck me. I said, ” Guys, I will have my own umbrella before reaching home, free of cost.” They were surprised and laughed. But I bet with them, “I will have one. Listen, if I win, everyone will give a treat for others, every for a week and on losing, I will.” All of them agreed and cheered. It was done…!!

Now, I was thinking how to do it. An idea lighted in my superior brain. We were now reaching the bus stop. As usual, there were many people. The friends reminded me the bet. I was just observing the people with the intention to get one. I shouted, “I got the umbrella. A brand new one…!!”. All of them looked at me saying, “You are a cheater. You have lost the bet.” I said, with a confident smile, “Wait and just look at me, I will be back with umbrella.” And I went. They all were excited to see me.

I went to an elderly man sitting in the shade of the bus stop. Without saying any word, I grabbed the umbrella from his hand. The man couldn’t understand what was happening. He said angrily, “You, naughty boy, who are you and why are you taking my umbrella?” At the same time, I saw through the corner of my eyes, a policeman, approaching towards the bus stop. I replied the man loudly, ”You tell me first, where have you got this umbrella from? It’s my umbrella. I have bought it yesterday and I have the proof. Let’s call the police.”

Now the man looked worried and confused. He took a back, I saw. His voice was softened. He said, “ I had no idea that it was your umbrella. I found it here laying on the seat. If it’s yours, keep it. It is not necessary to call the police. Good-bye.” And the man disappeared hastily in the crowd within no time. I was smiling.

All the friends were watching the show. I joined them with my brand new umbrella which was free of cost. They all were laughing loudly, saying “You cheater.”

As usual, my trick and confidence worked successfully and helped me.


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